Hi! My name is Ivo Borisov. I live and work in Bulgaria, European Union. I'm jeweler and craftsman since many years.
I prefer to quote what the others tell about me and my work:

"During the years he develops his own characteristic style. His decorations are distinguished for the high quality of design and workmanship. In order to further develop his ideas, he directs his eyes also to small plastic arts and park sculpture. Art-douches decorate the beaches of the Golden Sands resort complex at the Black Sea coast /Second Award in 2005/ and Cocoa Beach /USA/."

"Just as important today as in centuries past is the quality of design. The natural tinted horn from intensive dark black to transparent brown with specific structure in contrast with the white silver and combination with the natural colored stones, mother-of-pearl allows the building of shapes, pictures,associations and coloring by incrustation. This tough technique demands hard and long handiwork. This is one of the premises for the uniqueness of the hand-made works. Other premises is that the creator Ivo Borisov strongly allied with the more three millennial old experience of the Bulgarian jewelry traditions, the roots of which touch to the Thracian, firmly believes, that the human imagination has no borders in its aspirations to the beauty."

"The innovative design and quality workmanship have become very popular locally and among jewelry distributors in Bulgaria. While unique in shape and design, these accessories remain extremely wearable and durable for all women."

"The compositions of Ivo Borisov irradiate with their warm mystery of togetherness with the secret harmony of the matter, with the presentiments and hypothesizes - made known or not, felt or not"

The history:
The First Lady of Poland
Mrs.Agata Duda choose of mine
jewelry as Christmas gift.
/Christmas fair in Warsaw 2016/

From 28.11.2016 to 09.12.2016
Exhibition UBA
"20 years ..."
Gallery"Sofia pres"
Sofia, Bulgaria

From 29.02.2016 to 27.03.2016
"Gravitated objects"
Artgallery Le Papillon
Varna, Bulgaria

My works were included
into the book
120 Years of Bulgarian Art

From 05.03.2015 to 13.03.2015
Exhibition "Sources of inspiration"
Ministry of Culture
Gallery Sredetz

From 09.12.2010 to 09.01.2011
exhibition - Gallery Edition 88

From 07.10.2011 to 16.10.2011
Toledo, Spain

From 03.12.2011 to 11.12.2011
Milan, Italy

From 28.02.2012 to 28.03.2012
Artgallery Le Papillon
Varna, Bulgaria

From 17.04.2012 to 17.05.2012
Exhibition SBH
"2012 - Directions"
Sofia, Bulgaria

From 09.05.2012 to 31.05.2012
"Jewelry and Plastic arts"
Gallery "Vidima"
Sevlievo, Bulgaria

From 30.08.2012 to 01.09.2012
Exhibition "Art depot"
Museum of History
Knezha, Bulgaria

From 17.12.2012 to 21.12.2012 г.
"Jewelry and sculptures"
Home of the Energy
Kozloduj, Bulgaria